Company highlights

The early years (1905 – 1950)
In 1905 two young brothers, Corrie and Tom Weavind, born from Methodist missionary parents and trained in Amsterdam, entered into a legal partnership in Pretoria. They established offices in the Reserve Investment Building on Church Square and were a formidable legal team with Corrie concentrating on commercial matters, estates and conveyancing, whereas Tom, the more flamboyant of the two, entrenched himself in the courts of Pretoria.
In 1929 Weavind & Weavind moved its offices to Court Chambers at 189 Andries Street to be closer to one of its largest clients, the Bourke Trust and Estate Company Limited. In 1933 Weavind & Weavind’s first professional assistant, Marcus Tait Kneen was admitted as an attorney, notary and conveyancer, sharing the burden of court work with Tom Weavind. In 1938 Tom Weavind died of a burst appendix – he was in his early fifties, a man in his prime.
Post-war prosperity (1945 – 1975)
Weavind & Weavind flourished in the years after the Second World War. Not only was there a healthy upswing in the economy, but the firm also gained a number of substantial clients because of the broad range of services it offered. It became the firm of choice for establishing townships, amongst others Queenswood, Kilner Park, Weavind Park and others as far afield as Witbank. This valuable experience in property matters stood the firm in good stead and lead to other lucrative engagements.
Associations and amalgamations (1975 – 2000)
Weavind & Weavind converted to an incorporated body and in 1975 entered into an arrangement with Werksmans, a prominent Johannesburg legal firm and briefly changed its name to Weavind & Werksmans. In 1981, the formal association with Werksmans came to an end and although the firm reverted back to Weavind & Weavind, it continued to attend to a great deal of Werksmans’ Pretoria work.
In 1987 the firm amalgamated with Le Roux Van Rensburg, a young firm of attorneys. This amalgamation served as a shot in the arm and brought with it a fresh impetus and a new client base.
Building on a proud tradition (2000 – present)
In November 2000 Weavind & Weavind moved to Weavind Forum, its own building well situated in the heart of the Brooklyn business node. The firm has embraced the challenges of the new millennium and has seen unprecedented growth. It has also developed specialist expertise in various fields including public property syndications, share-blocks and time sharing vehicles, sectional title and township development, construction, engineering and insurance law. By employing specialists Weavind & Weavind is able to provide services to the full spectrum of institutions, corporations, businesses and individuals effectively and efficiently.